“The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help it” — Leo Rosten

Hello and Welcome to Away From OM!

I guess you can say I’ve come full circle or returned to my roots. After spending many years as a journalist, I took what I would call a “hiatus” from deadlines and the stress of working ridiculous hours to devote my life to running a yoga studio and teaching yoga. But, ironically, I found that running a yoga studio meant working even more ridiculous hours than working in a newsroom. Weekends, nights…no breaks. Oh my! So, I went on hiatus from operating a studio and have no intention of going back. Instead, I am now devoted to writing. Huh?

This time, however, it feels different. This time I am writing for the sheer love of it — at least when it comes to this blog. Writing about my travels. Writing about my adventures with my son Noah on the road and the difficulties of being away from my other two sons and husband at home. Writing about stuff that matters to me: living yoga on and off the mat, being a responsible and loving parent and anything else that floats my boat.

Yoga is about reaching liberation or freedom from the ego and mind stuff that keeps you locked in a sort of internal prison. So I guess you can say I have reached freedom of sorts by merging my love of yoga and writing. For the first time ever, I feel free to write about what I want, when I want. I am writing for myself. When I first started this blog, I thought, “What if nobody reads it? What is nobody is interested?” And, then my monkey mind quickly retorted, “Who cares!” Now that’s what I call liberation!

If you do wish to join the dialog, you can find my posts under the “Posts” tab. Posts will be categorized by topic and you will find these directly to the right under “categories.” I will be adding categories as I go along as well as tweaking the look and feel of this site. I am welcome to any suggestions. In the meantime, please comment on my musings, some of which will likely resonate with you, and share your thoughts. Let’s create a dialog in the name of love, freedom, adventure and anything else that matters.

Thank you all so much for reading!

Much love and peace,


Yogini, writer, dog-lover, part-time vegetarian, straight-shooter


19 thoughts on “Home

  1. Steve and Cindy Linsky

    Looking forward to watching Noah run, jump and spin on the stage . ( and sing too) Steve

  2. Elyse alper

    Can’t wait to see Noah as Billy Elliot. Yeh Noah. Sounds like a grueling schedule but what a special time in your life.
    Elyse and Dicky

  3. Shelley Misiph

    I love reading your blog Noah is truly amazing an experience of a lifetime will see u in boston

  4. Chris and Harvey

    We will love to see Noah in Boston and Florida too. Chris and Harvey

  5. Randy O'Brien

    Glad Noah is living “the dream” as my aspiring actress daughter Molly would say. Sounds like a busy but proud moment for mom.

  6. Thank you all!

    • Ciao Robin, I’m in Italy, left LA just before the yoga scene exploded … got out just in time it seems… but same scene now here. Just blogged about it and visiting USA as well. Enjoyed yours

  7. Malka Young

    Please subscribe
    Me to your blog. I work with Myrna Winter.
    Thank you

  8. Suzanne Heitin

    Miss you Noah! So glad you’re having fun!!!

  9. natalie

    love reading about your adventures,,natalie h namaste

  10. Iris shore

    Hi Robyn
    I’m hoping you will remember me. Rather then leaving u a long winded message I will make this short and sweet. I live in bflo. Now. I am going to billy Elliott sat. Matinee. If u are free anytime this week and want a tour beyond the downtown wasteland let me know or to meet for a yoga class, lunch, or just some company. My # is 617-365-0196.
    Warmest regards

  11. Van Cockcroft

    Saw Noah as Billy in Richmond today. His accent, dancing, grace and believability –heck, his whole stage presence — are truly remarkable. A bright future awaits!

  12. Any news on whether he will be performing in Sioux Falls, SD? Thanks!

    • Hi Jake,
      Noah will be headed home for mandatory state testing the weekend we are in Sioux Falls so he won’t be performing there 😦

  13. Hi Robyn,

    I just read your fabulous “Witnessing the Yoga Scene Around the Country…” article. You mentioned you might be touring Canada to check out the yoga scene. I am working with a yoga teacher, in Toronto, who have been teaching and practicing, and is the real deal when it comes to yoga, who would probably love to chat with you on the subject. Please send me a private email if you are interested in speaking with her.

    • Hi there and thanks so much for reading! I actually had written that piece while I was touring and forgot to change the Canada part to the past tense! Anyway, I was in Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver but never made it to Toronto. But next time I get there, I would love to check out your studio!

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