I’m a journalist, personal finance writer, branding specialist, yogini, wise-cracker, part-time vegetarian, intrepid traveler, former owner of Breathe Joy Yoga and director/creator of Pretzel Kids.  I currently edit the blog at Chimebank.com and have written for several other publications and companies including Consumers Digest, Investor’s Business Daily, Inc., NerdWallet, Elegant Bride and Brand Week. More importantly, I’m a mother, wife and dog lover. In April 2012, I left my home, family and studio in Massachusetts to hit the road with my son Noah, then 12, who was cast as the lead in a national touring Broadway musical. I returned in August 2013 and found myself making up for lost time with the rest of my family and rediscovering my writing career.

These are my tales from the road and from home: on and off the mat. Often humorous, sometimes serious. But always honest. Happy reading!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. I am so freaking excited to follow Noah (and you!)

  2. Meredith Linsky

    Robyn: please let me know if the show will come to Texas, I would love to attend with Gabriel. Best of luck toyou both!

    • Hi Meredith,
      Good to hear from you and so happy you’re reading this blog! I know we will be in Austin, Tx in December but not sure where else in Texas yet. As I know more, I will be posting here. I would LOVE to see you and Gabriel!

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  4. carol ryan

    Robyn, you recently wrote a great article about “yoga studios” in the U.S. and how its gotten so far away from yoga. I agree. But why the need to say the “skinny” yoga teacher? What has size got to do with YOGA? You lost me on that adjective.

    • Hi Carol,
      Thanks for reading and for your comment. I believe you are referring to this line: “The skinny teacher in perfect yoga clothes had us rolling on the floor, literally.” You are correct in that size has nothing to do with yoga. I agree with you. However, this adjective was just that, an adjective describing the woman teaching the class. She was skinny, very… and it gives the reader a bit of a better picture of the scene in this particular class. Would I have used the word “fat”? No, as this is a not a nice word in any sense. Some may think the same of “skinny”, however, models are often described as “skinny” and when articles hit about photo-shopping models to make them look skinny, no one bats an eye. I am not trying to be cynical here, just honest. Heavy yoginis don’t end up on the cover of Yoga Journal. Yet, people of ALL sizes practice yoga. So, in a nutshell, the adjective gave the reader a picture of what this particular teacher looked like and is also a reflective of what is considered a perfect yogini in Western society (based on what we see in the media). Do I agree with it? Not one bit. All I can do is be honest and say it like it is. I hope you continue to read. I really appreciate your comment!

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