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3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Rhea Simon

    Hi Robyn. Like the cool spelling of your name. I am a close friend of Myrna Winter who of course told me I must go see her wonderfully talented great nephew in Billy Elliot. And for someone who loves theatre and goes to musicals in NYC frequently ( and a professional singer/musician/actress myself) I would love to see your son playing the lead!!!Mazol Tov!! Enjoyed the lovely articles in the globe about him, as well.

  2. Mardi

    Hi Robyn,

    I just read your article on elephant yoga about the yoga ‘scene’ in America. I am Australian and unfortunately I can vouch that it is this way there as well. I don’t mind doing some quicker paced yoga from time to time but I can’t stand a class that leaves you less relaxed and peaceful than when you arrived… If I wanted to do power Pilates I would join a gym.
    Anyway, I am currently living at an Agama yoga school in Mexico where I practice this type of more traditional yoga and I will be doing my teacher training in this school. I am wondering if you have any tips for me in returning to Australia and with the hope to share this type of slower and calmer yoga with others as I feel so disenchanted with attempting after reading your article! (Not that it has deterred me, nothing will deter me from wanting to do this, but I would like any guidance you can give me!)

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks for reading and writing and please teach, teach, teach. Teach what feels right to you and students will come. There will always be people seeking out what you stand for as you will resonate with them — just like gym-type yoga resonates with many. I know I can’t compare the large numbers of students flocking to gyms and power studios with those seeking a more traditional studio/practice but they are out there. I scaled back my studio and teaching schedule by choice. I now teach 2 classes a week although I may add classes in the near future. I love my classes and students and they give me a purpose for doing what I do — showing up as their teacher week in and week out.

      Also, I would suggest that when you return to Australia please take classes everywhere near you so that you find a studio or space or teacher(s) that resonate with you. This place may become your yoga “home” and maybe you will be able to teach there. If you end up teaching at a gym or someplace that doesn’t feel real to you than what you offer might not work with the students. I hope this makes sense. I traveled to about 35 cities in the US and Canada. I basically wanted to lay it all out there and be real about the changing industry. If anything, I hope it will encourage new teachers like you to keep it up as the world needs more teachers like you! If you want to write to me directly, feel free to do so at

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